about us

Solaris Ventum, born in February 2020, ignites the renewable energy scene with passion and expertise. Specializing in technical consultancy for wind, photovoltaic, and cutting-edge BESS technology, we're the trailblazers of sustainable energy solutions.

With a track record of advising on projects exceeding 22 GW and counting, our momentum only accelerates. Our elite team comprises seasoned specialists, engineers, and managers immersed in Poland's renewable energy landscape. Armed with top-tier education from prestigious universities and boasting 18 years of industry experience, we're primed to exceed expectations.

At Solaris Ventum, we don't just consult; we elevate. From investment guidance to operational support, we stand by our clients every step of the way. Leveraging our unparalleled knowledge and competencies, we craft bespoke, optimal solutions to propel your projects towards success.

our services

Yield assesment

We carry out the calculation of the energy efficiency of the planned wind or solar power plants.


We recommend the right entity for acquisition in Poland and potential Investors in the business sales process.


We provide an up-to-date investment overview on online maps, including the real estate condition required to complete the investment.


Wind turbines’ shadow flicker, noise propagation simulations and design of the grid connection are just some of the additional services we provide to our Clients.

Project development

We have unique skills and the necessary knowledge to properly carry out the investment proces from greenfield to RTB Status.


We provide support in designing wind or solar power plants, along with export cable routes to connect them to the public grid.

Technical inspections

When there is a need to examine assets during the operation phase it is necessary to put on a helmet and check everything is working properly.

M&A support

We assist our partners in the effective and safe acquisition or sale of renewable energy assets.




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why we sell reliance

We prioritize renewable energy because we are committed to environmental stewardship and the future of our planet. Renewable energy is not only clean but also inexhaustible and cost-effective, making it the optimal solution. Recent years have witnessed a surge in new installations utilizing renewable energy. However, there is still much work ahead on the path to achieving a zero-carbon economy.

In every endeavor, we ensure that our clients receive a product or service they can trust.

Over the course of our four-year operation, we have earned the trust of over 30 clients spanning Europe, North America and Asia.

Our clients have acquired or sold numerous assets in both the development and operational phases, securing financing for the successful implementation of these investments.

To safeguard our clients, Solaris Ventum maintains professional liability insurance amounting to
PLN 2 000 000.

We are Polish company
with global thinking.


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