As part of the comprehensive due diligence service offered to you, our qualified experts perform an in-depth and multidimensional analysis of both projects (technical) and enterprise (legal), prepared taking into account the specifics of the transaction you plan, in order to secure in the best possible way.

As part of the legal analysis, we assess the current status of the company and analyze contracts, permits or obligations of the enterprise. The analysis includes, among others:

  • verifying the company’s corporate documents, their compliance with applicable law (including assessment of rights to shares, effectiveness of adopted resolutions, etc.) and ownership structure,
  • verifying the rights to the assets that are part of the company (real estate, movable property, perpetual usufruct rights, etc.),
  • verifying the status of claims (including employee claims) and recovery and enforcement actions taken,
  • assessment of the company’s situation in the context of competition protection provisions,
  • assessment of the legal status resulting from the provisions of environmental law – analysis of received administrative decisions, post-inspection reports, etc.
  • Verification of the correctness of administrative procedures and the investor’s representation
  • Assessment of the legal title to the property where the investment is to be located

As part of the technical analysis, we offer an in-depth study of the technical aspects of the planned investment, including:

  • Verification that the properties for the implementation of all elements of the power plant are secured in an appropriate manner,
  • Analysis of technical parameters in all administrative decisions, technical conditions and construction design,
  • Assessment of provisions in lease agreements and other legal titles to real estate in terms of restrictions and risks
  • Checking the installation parameters regarding the obligations arising from participation in the auction system
  • Topographic verification of all project elements with the help of GIS tools